An Apology To Women

Click on the image below to watch the apology Darrell offered to the women at the Women of Virtue Conference on behalf of himself, the men at the Men of Valor Conference and on behalf of all men who have strayed for being consumers and devourers of Eve instead of protectors of Eve.

Sexual Recovery Groups in Lawrence, Kansas

Are you struggling with pornography, fantasy, masturbation, same gender attractions or sexual addiction? If you are willing to begin honestly facing the struggle, click the links below to find out more information about our groups.

Protecting Eve

"Protecting Eve" is Darrell's newest teaching to be filmed. It is a two session seminar for men and women. The first session: "The Stupidity of Sexual Methadone" looks at an incredibly common and damaging myth in the world and unfortunately in many Christian circles. The second session: "Crocodile Tears or Genuine Brokenness" addresses the question of "How do I know if he is (or I am) genuinely broken or just sorry for the consequences?" as well as "How does a man move from crocodile tears to Godly sorrow that leads to repentance?" For more descriptions of the sessions go to the Protecting Eve page.

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Protecting Eve

------------A Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction

A Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction, is a teaching DVD by Darrell Brazell. This presentation updates his previous "Brain Science of Sex and Addiction" teaching with new brain scans of individuals impacted by pornography and sexual addiction. It is the culmination of ten years of personal recovery, extensive study of healing and recovery materials, the experience that comes from leading groups for men fighting for freedom in the sexual realm as well as extensive individual and couples counseling through the process. It uniquely combines incredible insights from such diverse sources as Dr. Patrick Carnes, Dr. Jim Wilder, Dr. Karl Lehman, St. Paul and a host of others. Darrell is especially gifted at making complex issues understandable to the average person.

A Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction can be ordered now by going to our Resources page or by clicking the button below.

Recovery Manual

New Hope For Sexual Integrity, by Darrell Brazell, boldly proclaims the hope that Jesus Christ has come to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free. This groundbreaking recovery manual provides insights gleaned from scripture, a broad base of recovery literature, brain science and over eight years of working with individuals wrestling with the demons of lust, pornography, sexual bondage and addiction. New Hope For Sexual Integrity provides clear direction and proven recovery principles for individuals and groups seeking to break free from Satan's sexual web and discover the power and beauty of a life of freedom.


Darrell writes out of his own journey of recovery and uses many personal stories and applications to which most men can relate. He also writes from the perspective of a new individual coming to him for help. "I tried to write the manual in such a way that a new person can pick up the manual, start reading and very quickly have specific things to do to move towards healing. I want the manual to be a personal guide to which individuals can turn and no longer say in defeat, 'I don't know what to do.'"

Individuals using the manual are finding great freedom. It addresses the core issues, spiritually, behaviorally and psychologically that are at the foundation of sexual bondage and addiction. You can click below to see the Table of Contents, and the Index of Handouts, Worksheets and Special Items.

Table of Contents

Index of Handouts, Worksheets and Special Items


You can order New Hope For Sexual Integrity as well as Darrell's "Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction" and other teaching DVD's and resources from our Resources page or by clicking on the button below. Our Resources page also has package discounts for combination orders as well as group discounts for multiple orders.

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You can order New Hope For Sexual Integrity as an E-Book (PDF format) by clicking on the "buy now" button below. Once you complete your payment, PayPal will send you to the page where you can download the PDF file. (Don't click on anything until you arrive back at a page) If you are not sent to the page for downloading the PDF, please email

New Connections: Connect with Self, God, and Others to Disconnect from Destructive Sexual & Relational Behaviors

A recovery manual for women by Kim Jones and Darrell Brazell. Kim has taken Darrell's New Hope For Sexual Integrity and used it as a foundation for writing a whole new manual for women. She has done an incredible job addressing many issues and struggles unique to women as well as bringing in other truths both from scripture and from other schools of healing and recovery. This 340 page manual will be a life line for many. Its designed both for individual and group use.

For group and E-Book orders, please go to

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Immanuel Mentoring Groups

Darrell leads "Immanuel Mentoring Groups" periodically where he does Immanuel Prayer sessions with individuals while others observe and act as prayer support for the individual receiving ministry. We have seen Jesus reveal Himself in amazing ways through this process and previous groups. If you are interested in learning more or being part of a group go to the Immanuel Mentoring Group page.

------------The Power Of Joy

Power of Joy, is some of Pastor Brazell's best material to date and is appropriate and applicable to everyone in that it incorporates a broad range of materials from Thriving, the Life Model and Dr. Karl Lehman's Immanuel Process. Darrell's handouts, PowerPoint files and audio are all available at the Power Of Joy page.

For Pastors

Darrell's personal story was published in the winter 2011 edition of Leadership Journal in the article titled "Breaking Point"" as well as in Covenant Eyes E-Book for Pastors. Darrell has a heart for working with ministers who are caught in the double bind of their struggle and the pressures of ministry as well as a heart for the wives of men struggling to be honest with themselves, let alone their wives. As a result, he is developing a "Pastoral Intensive" for up to four pastoral couples. The three day intensive's primary goal will be to establish a foundation of truth and begin the journey of recovery for the husband, the wife and for the couple. If you are interested in participating in this, please contact Darrell at

For The Wives

"What Every Wife Needs To Know About Her Husband's Struggle For Sexual Integrity" is a compilation of some of the most common things Darrell tells wives who have questions about whether or not their husbands have a problem in sexual matters. It is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to understand more about a the dangers of pornography and sexual bondage and a must for any woman who has questions, fears and doubts about her husband's struggle for purity.

Wives Recovery Group: For information about our recovery group for wives of men who wrestle with sexual issues go to our Wives' Recovery Page

Initial Process

For a description of what an initial couple's session looks like go to our Ideal Initial Sessions page.

Intake Documents

Here are the intake and information documents you will need if you are going to join a New Hope Recovery group or receive recovery coaching (by phone or in person) from Darrell or others from New Hope.

Intake Documents

Skype, Telephone Support & Block Appointments

For those outside of the area, Darrell Brazell, director of recovery ministries, makes some time available for recovery coaching via Skype, telephone and block appointments (and multi-day intensives) for those willing to travel to Lawrence. To discuss your needs, please email Individuals and couples will need to fill out and send in the Intake Documents.


"Darrell is not just on a different playing field, he is playing a different game when it comes to recovery from sexual addictions. Darrell has a clear picture of the problem, experience with methods and the best theoretical base I have ever seen on solutions that will make real lasting changes. When you are done having people hold your hand, preach at you, reading the usual Christian books on the subject of sexual addiction and attending the meetings that help you hold on one more day and you want something that is meaningfully different - you are ready to meet Darrell Brazell and his work." Dr. Jim Wilder

"In New Hope For Sexual Integrity Darrell Brazell leads you on a spiritual journey through one of the silent killers taking out men in the American church today. Whether you are a pastor trying to help set men free or a churchmen living in the torment of not getting freedom from this addiction, Darrell utilizes his own life experiences to provide a relevant biblical approach to winning your life back. I have never seen any other resource impact men, regarding pornography and sexual addiction, like this one! Bob Alan Clifton, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

"Darrell Brazell’s work strongly influences my approach to therapy for Christian men struggling with sexual purity issues. His integrative style – relating attachment theory and brain science to addiction – is a wonderful treatment approach for Christian men seeking relief from sexual addictions. He clearly conceptualizes and applies cutting-edge theories on addiction; all along revealing Biblical truths that accurately reflect and parallel what the most recent scientific discoveries reveal to us about the formation of addictive tendencies in individuals. Pastor Brazell has developed a program that is the winning trifecta of Christian sexual recovery ministry: scientifically valid, Biblically informed, with many redeemed lives to prove its effectiveness." Paul Hahn, M.S. Marriage & Family Therapist


"I feel like I'm finally on the true straight and narrow path. I no longer feel enslaved to my baser desires. I can truly communicate my feelings to my wife instead of emotionally shutting down. And while I'm by no means cured, I do feel renewed, changed, and transformed. Plus I have hope that (with Christ as my focus), I can sustain this new me."

For more personal accounts of recovery go to our Testimonies Page.

Free Teaching Downloads

Darrell also has numerous recovery related sermons available as free audio downloads. Here are a few that have spoken powerfully to many in the battle for recovery and healing:

Donations & Partnering

If you sense God's calling to partner with us either through prayer or through financial support, please contact us. We need support in both areas. You can donate right now by clicking on the button below. You can set up automatic recurring donations on our Donations page.


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We are now an affiliate partner with Covenant Eyes. If you register for CE by clicking on the banner above or by using NEWHOPE in the promo code box, you will receive one month free and CE will donate a portion of your fees back to New Hope Recovery Ministries.

Dr. Jim Wilder, Chris Coursey and others share some wonderful material on growing maturity and other life issues. Darrell writes for their "Joy Blog" and will be a presenter for their 2009 THRIVE Family Conference. Dr. Wilder's Life Model: Living Out Of The Heart Jesus Gave You and his Living With Men books are must reads for anyone wanting to grow in their maturity in Christ. These can also be ordered from New Hope by sending an email.

Dr. Jim Wilder, Dr. Karl Lehman, Ed Khouri and others provide some of the best materials available on recovery and brain science. New Hope has used their RESTARTING recovery series and it has proven very helpful.

Pure Desire Ministries

Dr. Ted Robert's book Pure Desire was the original resource we used in our recovery ministry and is still one of the best books available on recovery from sexual addiction.


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